v18 Safety Standards

Orca Coast believes that safety for children while playing in our systems is of paramount importance and the number one most important factor. We take every step possible and use the best possible materials to create the most exciting yet durable and safe product on the market today.

All Orca Coast Playgrounds meet or exceed ASTM F1918-04, Standard Safety Performance Specification for SCPE, Section 9.5 Protective Barriers (Including Netting).

Additionally, we naturally meet all Canadian Guidelines including Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and CPRA (Canadian Parks and Recreation Association). Orca Coast Playground also meets all ADA requirements as set out for SCPE. (American Disabilities Act) as currently Canadian regulatory agencies do not cover this important aspect for Indoor Playground equipment.

Our design protocol is different than any others and includes the following:

  • Children may not have the capability of full running speed Visibility of children must be available from the ground unless sliding
  • Children must sit or prepare to climb for any elevation change All steel must be completely covered with patented NOMACOTM brand Pipe padding
  • There must be no snag, pinch, sharp, or crush points anywhere on the equipment
  • No Slides may exceed a 35 degree angle
  • There must be an exit / entrance point at all ends of the structure Parents must be able to reach their children within 30sec to 45 sec depending on size of structure

Feel free to contact us at anytime for further details on all of the above and we look forward to any comments, suggestions or questions on our equipment.

With warm regards,
Rey Estanislao
Orca Coast Playground Ltd. Tel: 778-285-8060