Orca Coast Playground is always happy to receive testimonials. We get a lot of them however this one, is from a client of 5+ years.

October 2011

Balls of Fun is entering its fifth year of getting families active by practicing ball skills together. It was five years ago when Orca Coast Playground Ltd. built the structure that I had envisioned for children and adults. I remember calling a whole bunch of companies that makes soft-play structures for children. All of them had some type of road blocks to what I wanted. They were not willing to adapt or listen to what I wanted. They tried to upsell, when all I wanted was a very simple structure that would provide family fun and a good work out for both kids and adults. Plus, I needed it to fit into an inlet in the facility. Additionally, I wanted to be able to see the children at all levels of the structure, from ground level, to cut down on bullying. Also, each level had to be high enough so that adults could stand – (Perhaps this is the reason why some companies stopped listening to me… LOL.) But, guess what? Orca Coast listened and delivered what I wanted in a structure for Balls of Fun. They did not try to add any bells or whistles. Instead, they gave me some great ideas that have made the structure a big part of why the children leave Balls of Fun smiling and sweating. Moreover, Orca Coast designed, made, delivered and built the structure ahead of time before our grand opening, November 4, 2006.

Since then, statistics show that Orca Coast has continued to provide me with outstanding customer service. They are there to answer my questions and provide the extra materials or parts needed to ensure the safety and maintenance of the structure. I would strongly suggest to stop searching and analyzing what other companies have in mind for your structure. Call Orca Coast and get the structure and support you have envisioned for your business! 

All the best,
Tanya Lavie – Founder/Owner – Balls of Fun Inc.


This testimonial is proof that Orca’s primary focus is client driven and also that Orca is the best choice for quality and service. This testimonial is from a client who has had the Orca product for over 5 years, and came as a nice surprise to the team here at Orca. We are so happy to know that our products and customer service stand up through time. There are a lot of low grade products on the market and we are proud of the work we do. When you buy your indoor playground from Orca, you are buying peace of mind.” – Bill Dunbar, President of Orca Coast Playground