Installing a commercial indoor playground is a multifaceted process that demands expertise and attention to detail. As a leader in the industry, Orca Coast Playgrounds has extensive experience and expertise to ensure each installation is seamless, safe, and efficient.

Why is Installation Important?

Safety: A playground’s safety is critically dependent on how well it is installed. Each piece of equipment must be securely fitted and properly aligned to ensure children’s safety.

Durability: Professional installation helps maximize the lifespan of playground equipment. Well-installed components are less likely to face premature wear and tear.

Efficiency: Proper installation also saves time and makes efficient use of space. Professionals know how to strategically place each element for the best usage and flow.

Pre-Installation Process

Site Assessment: The installation process starts long before the actual assembly. A comprehensive site assessment, which includes measuring the area and evaluating its layout, helps us plan and design the playground.

Finalizing Design: Based on the site assessment and customer requirements, the design is finalized, factoring in the area’s dimensions, the type of equipment desired, and the age group it will serve.

Customizations: At Orca Coast Playgrounds, we believe each playground should be unique. Hence, any requested customizations are incorporated into the design at this stage.

The Installation Process

Delivery and Unloading: The equipment arrives, packaged and ready to assemble. Our team ensures each piece is accounted for and in perfect condition.

Assembly: Each component is assembled carefully, following a specific sequence to ensure safety and quality. Our experts cross-check every bolt and joint, confirming they are securely fitted.

Checks and Balances: Throughout the installation, checks and balances are in place to avoid errors. This meticulous process ensures the playground is assembled correctly and is structurally sound.

Post-Installation Process

Cleanup: After the playground is set up, our team cleans up the site, leaving it neat and inviting.

Safety Checks and Quality Assurance: Before the playground is opened for use, a final round of safety checks and quality assurance is performed.

Client Walkthrough: We then walk the client through the new playground, explaining any necessary instructions for using and maintaining the playground equipment.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Importance of Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for a playground’s safety and durability. It includes checking and tightening loose components, looking for wear and tear, and keeping the playground clean.

Maintenance Tasks: Typical tasks may include cleaning, checking for sharp edges or loose parts, and inspecting surfaces for wear.

Orca Coast Playgrounds Assistance: Our commitment to clients doesn’t end after installation. We assist with maintenance and repairs, ensuring your playground remains safe and enjoyable for years to come.


Installation is a critical phase in your commercial indoor playground journey. With Orca Coast Playgrounds, you can be confident this process will be handled with utmost expertise, diligence, and commitment to safety and quality.

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