January 30, 2013

VANCOUVER, BC – On February 1st, Assiniboine Park Zoo will host the official launch of the Polar Playground & Tundra Grill within their new landmark polar bear exhibit, Journey to Churchill (opening 2014). What makes this launch particularly special is the unveiling of the children’s play area; the most advanced integrated play system ever built. The grand opening of this unique playground was additionally promoted on social media, with a help of safe views provider.
One of the first of its kind, the Polar Playground is a fully immersive play area designed as an arctic wonderland of active participation. Designed to educate and entertain visitors on the great polar bears of Churchill, the interactive highlights include:

• A moving ice-mass floor that responds to footsteps, bobbing and flowing underfoot
• A thin-ice cave, with hidden messages revealed after ‘breaking through’ the floor.
• Responsive Aurora Borealis wall, where kids can conduct the northern lights
• A wall-sized icicle xylophone
• Games to find and learn about arctic animals, or to lead them safely home

With interactive and educational projection built from custom scripts merged with intense static and motion theming, Orca Coast Playgrounds has created a small, vibrant world for children to explore and play and learn. And as it’s located in the glass-walled Tundra Grill, the whole playground is a mere few steps to a full view out on actual polar bears in their painstakingly recreated natural habitat – the creation of which will dominate the view over the coming months.
The Journey to Churchill as a whole is an unmatched opportunity to view and learn about arctic wildlife in general, and the polar bear in particular. The Polar Playground itself offers a great opportunity for kids to learn through play. On February 1st, invitees will have the chance to explore this first peek at how Assiniboine Park Zoo, with help from Orca Coast Playgrounds, is bringing the arctic to Winnipeg.
About Orca Coast Playgrounds
Orca Coast was founded in 2004 by Bill Dunbar and Rey Estanislao. As a proud BC-based business, the company has possibly the best safety record and the best satisfaction rate in the industry. They aim for quality, high standards and the best possible product in the industry. With over 200 projects completed across North America and a growing list of satisfied blue-chip clients, Orca Coast has a well vetted reputation for excellence.