Project Description

TommyKplay is a kid’s dream come true. Packed to the brim with ways to have fun, the two Calgary play complexes house a huge variety of activities and installations designed to give kids ‘good, clean fun.’ With massive play structures, rock climbing walls, laser tag and mazes (and, quite importantly, a comfortable area for parents to enjoy a cup of coffee).

The Playground

The TommyKplay facilities posed an interesting challenge for Orca Coast Playgrounds. The facilities themselves were massive, and while that gave OCP plenty of room to play, there were large-scale seating requirements to work around, and a lot of imagination required to fill the space with an intense and diverse activity mix. Orca Coast was up to the task, and set about making the facilities one-of-a-kind; this included:

  • Massive lead and phthalate-free multi-level play structure with climbing towers, bridges and zip lines
  • Action cams that monitor the play areas, fed to parents’ lounge area display screens
  • First of its kind rock wall built to emulate urban building architecture
  • North America’s safest multilevel laser tag arena

The playground has proved massively popular in the active and expansive Calgary market, an oasis in a city that spends a good chunk of the year under a blanket of snow. An oasis that has now been voted #1 in that crowded market. Orca Coast is pleased to have been a part of building that.

The Process

Orca Coast Playgrounds completed our first project for TommyKplay, at their first 8,000 sq.ft. location in 2011. When owners Tom and Brenda decided to open another, larger location, they brought OCP in again. That 14,000 sq. ft. facility opened in 2012.