Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look through some of the common questions our new clients ask.

How Much Does an indoor playground cost?2023-11-07T15:36:12-08:00

The cost of our playgrounds varies based on various factors such as location, size of the playground, activity levels, complexity of design and theme and shipping. Please call us so we can discuss your requirements.

How long will it take to ship and install a playground?2023-11-07T15:36:02-08:00

The process from designing, installing and shipping a playground can take between 5 to 10 weeks. We serve worldwide.

Do I have to buy a design from your website?2023-11-17T11:33:50-08:00

If there is a design on our website that you’re interested in, then you can absolutely purchase it. However, we also offer custom designs to suit your specific requirements and preferences.

What activities should I install in my playground?2023-11-07T15:35:38-08:00

We offer a variety of fun and exciting activities to choose from. We have all sorts of slides, moonwalks, suspension bridges, punch bags, mazes, climbs and a lot more for toddlers and children ages 5-12 years old. It really depends on your preference. Call us so we can help you determine the right activities for your playground.

Do you offer other products aside from indoor playgrounds?2023-11-17T11:33:13-08:00

Yes, we have other products as well as soft contained playgrounds. We offer laser tag, laser maze, mini-golf, climbing walls, interactive floor and wall activities, party rooms and theming. Look through our past projects for examples of our installed products and services.

Your facility must have the right “entertainment mix” and “comfort factor” to ensure that your customers will enjoy their visit and have an amazing experience. Returning customers will ensure your success.

Do you offer any assistance for customers who are just starting up?2023-11-07T15:35:09-08:00

Yes. We have tools that can help you build a solid business plan. These tools are based on industry reports, surveys and guidelines that can be a good model for an FEC or Birthday Party business plan. If you plan to request for funding, you need a strong business plan to support it.

Do you offer leasing or financing services?2023-11-17T11:34:29-08:00

We do not offer any leasing or financing services, but we will be happy to refer you to a company that can help you with your needs.

Do you manufacture your playgrounds or are they made offshore?2023-11-17T11:35:34-08:00

Yes, we proudly manufacture our playgrounds at our facility in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Our expansive warehouse serves as a hub where we not only stock materials but also meticulously design and build our playgrounds. Prior to shipping, each playground is assembled entirely to ensure precise fit and completeness upon installation.

Where do you get your playground materials?2023-11-07T15:34:35-08:00

Our materials are all made in North America to ensure quality and durability.

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