Orca Coast Playgrounds Product Features & Safety

We strive to innovate and implement features into our products to increase safety, durability and help you with the on-going maintenance of your playground.


Safety is of paramount importance. It is critical in designing any play area, and it is something Orca Coast encourages as part of promoting safe play. Orca Coast has created our own principles of design standards that outline design parameters for every playground or play therapy system we produce. We have created these principles based on the input and expertise of safe play advocates, as well as industry organizations such as ASTM, CSA and CPSC. Contained playgrounds have proven to be a safe environment for children to play in by eliminating the risk of fall heights, protrusions and sharp edges, and limiting their access to moving parts or unsafe access.
Low Maintenance, Durable Play
Orca Coast’s emphasis for the main play structure is in utilizing highly durable, low maintenance plastics, high-quality, vandal resistant Tuff-Skin post padding and netting, durable soft foam decking with industrial 18 oz true vinyl. The resulting design offers easy maintenance and upkeep, while maximizing play value for your guests.
Maximizing Play
Orca Coast has incorporated some unique play elements that are specifically designed to offer the greatest amount of diversity in the play experience. A good design should offer equal opportunity for gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pretend play, sensory enhancement and social play opportunities. These elements are described in detail in the following pages.
Maximizing Visibility
Visibility is critical to your number one customer, Parents. Good, visible design dictates a smooth combination of great open play opportunity with just enough enclosed plastic to be fun yet still highly visible from all viewing angles.
Accessibility & ADA
You must have the ability to go with, access, respond and remove a child from the apparatus. Your client must be able to get to every point within the equipment themselves or with very little assistance. This builds confidence. Orca has considered these elements in this design and utilized a 4’ grid system, and interchangeable activities. All systems Orca Coast Designs and Manufactures meet all latest A.D.A regulations and Standards.
netting 5208 Product Features & Safety

pf frame2 SX4A5350 Product Features & Safety

Tuff Skin Post & Frame Padding

A patented and durable solution to cover the steel components and softens the structures hardest parts. Tuff Skin is so durable that it reduces the wear and tear from everyday use. This is a very important feature as it drastically reduces two potentially harmful from your playground:
Choking Hazard Typically children will gather in and around your playground chatting, talking and plotting their next attack of the play area. During this time, it has been documented that children will pick at the post-padding, over time tearing it from the pipe-frame of the structure. As some children will do, they put this material in their mouths and it could become a choking hazard. With a Tuff-Skin Post Padding, this is not possible. Children can not pick hard enough to pull the padding from under the vinyl-dipping.

Wear & Tear If children were to become successful in the above event, not only do they create a choking hazard, the play area also starts to look shabby in those areas, like the playground is older, not maintained properly and in a mindful parents eye, potentially dangerous. Lower areas around the playground also suffer from people passing by catching it with their feet or strollers, which adds to the above ‘well-worn’ effect.

pf lgweb SX4A5168 Product Features & Safety

Heavy 1” Box Netting

A nylon fabric net used in areas that are not accessible for climbing. Not for use on the perimeter of the playground, this larger netting is pulled tight between the grids keeping children safely encased on upper levels of your playground.

pf netting SX4A5334 Product Features & Safety

No-Climb .48” Netting

UV-protected 3/8″ nylon-mesh fabric designed with a small-holed pattern to prevent climbing. Passes weight-load testing requirements (ASTM F1918-98) and Standard Safety Performance Specification(SCPE, Section 9.5 Protective Barriers)

pf vinyl 5DC 0292 Product Features & Safety

Vinyl Upholstery

18 oz. reinforced heavy duty soft and durable, poly urethane, lead free, UV stabilized vinyl.

pf deck SX4A4993 Product Features & Safety

Padded Decks

Constructed with 3/4″ fir plywood, padded with 3/4″ cross expanded foam and upholstered in vinyl.

pf ties SX4A5169 Product Features & Safety

Panduit Safety and Cable Ties

100% durable ties wrapped around post pad foams to secure it.

pf smweb SX4A5166 Product Features & Safety

Panduit Knuckle Ties

Used to secure nets to play structure. 100% durable.

pf roof liner SX4A4916 Product Features & Safety

Roof Liners

Woven polyester scrim base fabric, mildew and rot resistant and ultraviolet light resistant.

pf steel 5DC 0291 Product Features & Safety

Metal Frame

Constructed with 2” outer diameter structural steel tubing joined with cast iron clamps.

pf tube 5DC 0296 Product Features & Safety

Plastic Tubes

30″ diameter polyethylene roto-moulded tubes.

pf tubewindow SX4A5331 Product Features & Safety

Tube Windows

Polycarbonate windows (same material used in bullet proof windows).

pf slide SX4A5208 Product Features & Safety

Open Slides

Open mould process formed in reinforced Fiberglass finished with clear gel coat.

pf triangle SX4A5197 Product Features & Safety

Triangle Toppers

Top of moonwalk looking down. This triangle climb does not allow children to tumble from the top.

pf sitdown SX4A5152 Product Features & Safety

Sit Down Panels

At the top of the wave slide, we have incorporated a sit down panel. This prevents children from being bumped down the slide and also prevents children from sliding down the center of the slide.

pf slide enter SX4A4920 Product Features & Safety

Slide Seals

At the top of the spiral slide is a rubber pad that prevents children from banging their heads on the plastic tube.
At the bottom of the slide is a plastic bracket that holds the netting tight to the plastic slide. This prevents the netting from being broken down.

pf roof liner SX4A4916 Product Features & Safety

Roof Liners

Roof liners keep children from climbing out of the structure but allow for light to shine into the playground.

pf slidenet SX4A5153 Product Features & Safety

Slide Liners

The wave slide has a wall liner that is snug to the wave slide, so the children’s fingers and hands do not get caught when they slide down.

pf topnet SX4A8038 Product Features & Safety

Access Panels

Orca includes exclusive roof top and closed area access points for ease of cleaning. This plays an important part in keeping your space clean and well kept.

pf signs SX4A8036 Product Features & Safety

Safety Signs

Keeping our customers safe is our TOP priority. Not only do we use high quality and safe materials to build our playgrounds but we also make sure that safety signs are displayed throughout the structures.