Playground at Brick Bodies Gym – Timonium, MD

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. worked closely with the gym Brick Bodies in Timonium, MD, to design a fun and engaging play area for children.

The playground is located within the gym and features a variety of play structures, including slides, climbing areas, and interactive elements. The structures are designed to promote physical activity and engage children in active play, helping them to develop gross motor skills and coordination.

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. also incorporated a soft play area into the playground, providing a safe and comfortable space for young children to play. The soft play area is designed with vibrant colors and interactive elements, encouraging children to explore and play.

The playground is fully enclosed, providing a safe environment for children to play, and also includes seating areas for parents to relax and watch their children play.

Overall, the playground is a great addition to the gym, providing a fun and engaging space for children to play while their parents work out. The playground promotes physical activity and healthy living, helping children to develop lifelong habits of fitness and wellbeing.

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