Crazy Catz Indoor Play Centre: Jungle Adventures in Maple Ridge, BC

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. proudly presents the Crazy Catz Indoor Play Centre, a jungle-themed wonder set in the scenic town of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the commercial indoor playground sector, we’ve designed this facility to be a thrilling exploration space that combines fun, fitness, and safety in a vibrant jungle environment.

Crazy Catz Indoor Play Centre stands as a testament to our expertise in creating captivating play spaces. The huge triple slide is an exhilarating feature, offering kids the thrill of a speedy descent, akin to swooping down a rainforest canopy. This slide, along with the big spiral slide, is not just a centerpiece but an adventure in itself, carefully crafted to ensure maximum enjoyment in a completely safe setting.

Safety is paramount in all our playground designs. The soft play obstacles within Crazy Catz are designed with the highest safety standards in mind. These obstacles challenge children to navigate through, over, and under, promoting physical development and problem-solving skills, all within the comfort of soft, impact-absorbing materials.

The multi-level climbing areas invite children to scale new heights and explore the playground from different vantage points. These climbing zones are meticulously engineered to be both challenging and secure, ensuring that children can enjoy the thrill of climbing in a risk-free environment.

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. is dedicated to crafting indoor playgrounds that go beyond the traditional. At Crazy Catz Indoor Play Centre in Maple Ridge, BC, we’ve created an immersive jungle experience where children can let their imaginations run wild. Every aspect of the playground, from the slides to the climbing areas, is designed to provide an engaging, dynamic, and safe play experience.

Crazy Catz Indoor Play Centre is more than just a playground – it’s an adventure, a jungle waiting to be explored. We are proud to offer a space where children can enjoy endless fun, develop their physical skills, and engage in imaginative play, all within the safety and comfort of an indoor setting.

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