Fort Clarkston: Adventure Awaits in Clarkston, MI

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. is excited to unveil Fort Clarkston, a captivating tree fort themed indoor playground located in the heart of Clarkston, Michigan. As a leading figure in the commercial indoor playground industry, we have carefully crafted this project to provide an exhilarating, safe, and imaginative play environment, perfectly suited for the adventurous spirits of children.

Fort Clarkston is not just a playground; it’s a realm of adventure. The centerpiece is the cool designed tree fort hangouts, which are more than play areas – they are invitations to a world of imagination and exploration. These hangouts are meticulously constructed to resemble real tree forts, providing children with a sense of adventure and discovery, as they climb, hide, and play in these elevated sanctuaries.

A standout feature of this playground is the big quad blue slide. This exciting attraction offers four lanes of sliding fun, allowing children to experience the joy of a swift descent in a vibrant and dynamic setting. The slide is designed with safety as a priority, ensuring a thrilling yet secure ride for all.

Adding to the excitement are the suspended climbing tubes. These offer a unique challenge, encouraging children to develop their climbing skills and navigate through the air. The climbing tubes are safely suspended and provide a thrilling experience that fosters physical fitness and coordination.

Safety and fun are the cornerstones of our design philosophy at Orca Coast Playground Ltd. The Fort Clarkston playground is equipped with a variety of softplay obstacles, which are integral to our commitment to safety. These obstacles are designed to provide a cushioned, injury-free environment, allowing kids to engage in active play without the risk of harm.

Nestled in Clarkston, MI, Fort Clarkston stands as a testament to our dedication to creating engaging, high-quality play areas. At Orca Coast Playground Ltd., we are proud to offer a space where children can enjoy the wonders of a tree fort themed play, engage in physical activity, and explore their imaginations in a safe, welcoming setting.

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