Gecko’s Family Fun Centre: A Tropical Paradise in Queensland, Australia

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. proudly presents Gecko’s Family Fun Centre, an enthralling tropical-themed commercial indoor playground located in the heart of Queensland, Australia. As a renowned manufacturer and a leader in the playground business, we have meticulously crafted this facility to be a vibrant, engaging, and safe haven of fun, catering to children and families seeking adventure and joy in an imaginative setting.

Gecko’s Family Fun Centre is a testament to our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional play experiences. The centerpiece of this tropical paradise is the 6 person lava slide, a unique and thrilling feature that offers a group sliding experience. This slide is designed not just for individual fun but for shared laughter and excitement, making it a favorite for friends and family.

Complementing the lava slide is the huge snake slide, an adventurous descent that captivates children’s imaginations, simulating a journey through the dense tropical jungles. The slide’s design is a perfect blend of fun and safety, ensuring children can enjoy the thrill of sliding in a completely secure environment.

Understanding the importance of catering to all ages, Gecko’s Family Fun Centre includes a separate toddler area. This area is specifically designed for younger children, providing a safe and stimulating environment where they can explore and play at their own pace. The softplay equipment in this area is scaled to suit little ones, ensuring their playtime is both enjoyable and secure.

The pirate ship is another standout feature, adding an element of adventure and exploration. It’s not just a play structure but a vessel for imaginative play, where children can embark on their own seafaring adventures in a safe and monitored setting.

Located in Queensland, Australia, Gecko’s Family Fun Centre by Orca Coast Playground Ltd. is a destination where families can escape to a tropical playground, enjoy various play experiences, and create lasting memories.

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