Little Goobers: Forest Fun in Stoney Creek, ON

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. is excited to showcase Little Goobers, our forest-themed indoor playground located in Stoney Creek, Ontario. As an experienced manufacturer and supplier in the commercial indoor playground industry, we have created an enchanting forest environment where children can explore, play, and learn in a setting that is both safe and stimulating.

At Little Goobers, we’ve brought the outdoors inside with our cool tree forts that serve as the centerpiece of the playground. These forts are more than just play structures; they are a child’s gateway into an imaginative world of adventure. Designed to mimic the wonder of natural forests, our tree forts offer various play levels and activities that encourage exploration and creativity.

The playground also features a variety of slides, each carefully designed to provide a fun and safe experience for children. From gentle slopes for the little ones to more adventurous descents for older kids, these slides cater to a range of ages and thrill-seeking levels. The slides not only add excitement but also promote physical activity and coordination.

Recognizing the importance of catering to younger guests, Little Goobers includes a dedicated toddler area. This space is specifically designed for the safety and enjoyment of toddlers, offering a variety of soft play equipment that is scaled down and cushioned for our youngest visitors. The toddler area provides a secure environment where little ones can play, learn, and grow.

Additionally, the playground boasts multiple climbing levels that challenge children to develop their physical skills in a playful setting. These climbing areas are designed to be safe and engaging, encouraging kids to climb, balance, and navigate through different challenges.

Located in Stoney Creek, ON, Little Goobers by Orca Coast Playground Ltd. stands as a prime example of our commitment to creating high-quality, engaging, and safe indoor playgrounds. We are proud to provide a space where children can enjoy the wonders of a forest adventure in the comfort and safety of an indoor environment.

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