Willow Lake Day Camp: Ultimate Outdoor Play in Hopatcong, NJ

Orca Coast Playground Ltd. is delighted to introduce Willow Lake Day Camp’s new outdoor playground, a massive, state-of-the-art facility located in Hopatcong, New Jersey. As a renowned manufacturer and supplier in the outdoor playground business, we have designed this playground to offer an exhilarating and safe outdoor play experience, incorporating advanced safety features and engaging play equipment.

The centerpiece of Willow Lake Day Camp’s outdoor playground is the huge triple wave slide. This slide is not just an attraction; it’s a thrilling adventure for children, offering the excitement of a wavy descent. Designed with safety and fun in mind, the slide ensures a smooth and exhilarating ride for kids of all ages.

Safety is a paramount concern at Orca Coast Playground Ltd., and this playground features premium safety netting. This netting is meticulously installed to provide a secure environment, ensuring that children can play without risk. The safety netting is a testament to our commitment to the highest safety standards in playground equipment.

The playground also boasts a variety of bridges and climbing platforms, which are strategically designed to provide a balanced mix of fun and physical activity. These features encourage exploration and adventure, helping children develop their motor skills and coordination in a natural setting.

In addition to the adventurous elements, the playground includes outdoor soft play areas, specifically designed for younger children. These areas are filled with soft and safe equipment, perfectly suited for toddlers and young children to play, learn, and grow in a comfortable outdoor environment.

Located in Hopatcong, NJ, Willow Lake Day Camp’s outdoor playground by Orca Coast Playground Ltd. is more than just a playground; it’s an outdoor adventure that combines fun, learning, and safety. We are proud to offer a space where children can enjoy the great outdoors, challenge themselves, and have fun in a secure and stimulating environment.

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