Camp Iliff Child Care – Rockaway, NJ

New Jersey playground equipment supplier Orca Coast Playground proudly presents Camp Iliff Child Care in Rockaway, NJ, a commercial indoor playground designed to ignite children’s imaginations.

Our interactive softplay equipment offers a world of fun and learning. What sets this playground apart is its unique forest-themed design, where young adventurers can explore towering forest-themed structures and bridges all within the safety of an indoor setting.

Stepping into Camp Iliff Child Care is like entering a woodland wonderland, where nature and play unite to spark creativity and a love for the outdoors. This commercial indoor playground is more than just a play area; it’s a place where children’s imaginations soar amidst the magic of a forest setting.

Join us in celebrating Camp Iliff Child Care’s unique playground design, where the joy of play meets the enchantment of nature. Explore this extraordinary indoor playground, proudly brought to you by your trusted indoor playground supplier, Orca Coast Playground.

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