The Wiggly Center – Frisco, TX

As the creators behind The Wiggly Center in Frisco, we are proud to be a Texas playground supplier delivering unparalleled indoor play experiences. Our passion for crafting exceptional indoor playgrounds has culminated in The Wiggly Center, a place where the spirit of adventure thrives.

At The Wiggly Center, our commitment to innovation is evident in every detail. Multiple slides offer thrilling descents, while unique play textures ignite children’s senses and curiosity. Obstacles scattered throughout the playground challenge young explorers to conquer new heights and discover hidden treasures.

Stepping into The Wiggly Center is stepping into a world where joy knows no boundaries. It’s a place where children can slide, climb, and explore to their heart’s content, each moment filled with excitement and wonder.

Our goal is simple: to create an indoor soft play haven that fosters imaginative play, active engagement, and the building of lasting memories. The Wiggly Center isn’t just a playground; it’s a realm where families come together to celebrate moments, form connections, and relish the joy of exploration.

Join us in celebrating The Wiggly Center’s spirit of adventure. Discover the enchantment of this extraordinary indoor playground in Frisco, TX, proudly brought to you by your trusted Texas playground supplier, Orca Coast Playground.

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